Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Doctor's Night Guard

      After my husband had his teeth crown done, his custom made mouth guard will not fit into his mouth anymore. So, he called his friend who made his mouth guard almost five years ago and asked if he can make him another one. Although my husband's friend is busy he told him to come over to the place where he works so that they can mold his teeth.

      But since this process will take for few days, my husband decided to buy The Doctor's Night Guard as a temporary replacement because he grinds his teeth and if he doesn't use a mouth guard at night he will surely have a jaw pain the next day.

     The first time my husband use the night guard, it didn't fit perfectly. He had to redo the 2 steps to a more comfortable fit which are the following: 1. Soften in hot water and 2. Bite down and shape to your mouth. The second time, he was able to do it perfectly. 

It's been few days and so far my husband had no jaw pain at all. That's a relief!

This Product is Made in U.S.A.


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