Friday, September 9, 2011

Sensodyne Full Protection Toothpaste

      My husband has very sensitive teeth and for some reason I started to feel the sensitivity in my teeth as well.  Maybe because I have one tooth that has a receding gum which I failed to ask my dentist if this is in fact the reason why I feel the sensitivity in my teeth once in a while. 

      I can't remember how long ago when we first started using Sensodyne toothpaste. The toothpaste in the photo above is used for sensitive teeth and cavity protection. But once in a while I still buy another brand of toothpaste most especially if it is on sale.

       How about you and your family, what kind of toothpaste you're using?

This product is made in the USA


  1. wow, nice jud! amo gamit kay kanang barat lang!

  2. hi sis...can i have this products as a gift?hehehe visiting you.:-)