Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hubby is learning how to play the Guitar

      I am really envious to  people who can play different musical instruments.  I tried playing the keyboard for few times but my interest to learn just faded away. In fact, my husband bought me a keyboard as a christmas present few years ago. He thought that I will pursue in playing the keyboard but unfortunately I didn't. 

     On the other hand, just few days ago, my husband bought a guitar for himself. He is really very persistent to learn how to play the guitar. I'm really very proud of him because he is really pretty good in continuing and finishing what he's started. I won't be surprised if he will buy alto sax at GC one of these days. He told me many times that he wants to keep himself busy by learning something new every now and then.  


     I am one of the lucky employee at work who are given a chance to try this Bluapple. I am really eager to try it for myself and hoping it will work. Out of curiosity, this morning I bought two bananas. One of the banana I put it inside the fruit bin in our refrigerator with the Bluapple and the other banana I put it in our fruit bowl in the dining room.  I want to personally know if this Bluapple really works and not just a waste of my money if I will continue using this product.

       This Bluapple contains a packet of active ingredient granules which absorb ethylene gas that causes fruits and vegetables to over ripen.

     In a couple of days, I will share with you the result of this experiment. I am excited to see the outcome.

This Bluapple is Made in USA

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Importance of Having Operational Machinery

      I have no experience working at a manufacturing company but I can imagine that if one or more of the machines are not working properly or they're broken, the production quotas will not be met.  If these quotas will not materialize it will affect the company itself, and to some extent they may lose their clients. That is the reason why these companies should have their own mechanics who will repair the broken machines so that they will perform their functions to their utmost potential.  In this regard, position indicators should be within reach and available at all times so that when these common occurrences arise, broken machinery can be attended to immediately.